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About PDR Solutions, US

Honest - Transparent

Driven By Excellence

There is no shortage of "PDR Companies" across the United States, and not all of them do the right thing. Anytime a company gets paid by insurance providers for services rendered on behalf of the insured, things can go bad quickly. The first and main reason is greed! There's a lot of available revenue that's created by major hail storms across the United States each year. Companies with weak integrity, and an unwillingness to remain honest, transparent, and most importantly, compliant with ALL Local, State, and Federal Laws regarding employees, contractors, and customers, give the entire industry a bad reputation.

At PDR Solutions, US LLC, we have worked firsthand with some of those PDR companies. We know exactly how they operate, which gives us great insight into what people are unwilling to compromise with. We have also partnered with and hired people from those companies. They can attest to these poor examples within the industry and their unwillingness to pursue what matters most, integrity. From those unfortunate but valuable experiences within the PDR industry, and two decades of direct marketing and sales success, PDR Solutions, US LLC, was founded. While we are a new business within the PDR Industry specifically, we have much experience in the processes and structures required to successfully get a PDR Company qualified vehicles in their shop for repair.

PDR Solutions, US LLC understands most PDR Companies think they are the most amazing salespeople in the world. The truth is, a small percentage of companies do a very good job, but most struggle. Because this lack of knowledge exists, and often times is fueled by EGO, we expect resistance along the way. While we welcome any challenge, not all PDR Companies will fit what we're looking for. 

The Saint Paul-Minneapolis hailstorm is a huge first step towards introducing our company to the PDR industry. We are a fast-growing team made up of highly-motivated individuals from all walks of life. If we are going to dominate the marketing and sales side of the PDR Industry, we will only get there by partnering with the very best in not only marketing and sales, but what companies we bring vehicles to for PDR Repair.

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