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Was Your Car Damaged By Hail?

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PDR Solutions, US LLC

Helping Make Your Dreams A Reality Through Transparent, And Honest Business Partnerships Within The Communities That Are Affected By Major Hailstorms Across The Nation.

"One Dent At A Time"

PDR Solutions, US LLC consults with the nation's leading Paintless Dent Repair, "PDR" companies by getting qualified customer vehicles in to their shop for repair. With 20+ years of experience in direct marketing and sales, once introduced to the PDR industry, it was clear there was a huge gap leading to this massive opportunity for growth.

We are looking for ambitious and energetic Business Development Partners to help us serve the thousands of hail-damaged vehicles in the Atlanta, Arkansas, and Oklahoma City Markets. 

The opportunity to travel with our team to other markets is available to those individuals who are interested and qualified.

We have a simple 3-step guideline for what we provide and also expect from not only our marketing and sales partners, but the PDR Companies we consult with for the repairs. 

1. Clear Compensation and Expectations
How Much / For Doing What / When Is It Paid

2. Unmatched Customer Experience
Transparent Repair Process / Exceptional Workmanship / No Deductible / Free Rental Vehicle / Quick Service / 5 Star Review / Quality Referrals

3. We NEVER make excuses to Employees, Contractors, or Customers about things we might get wrong.
We strive for perfection, but if we fall short we own it and make it right, immediately!

We believe PDR Companies should do what they do best, fix hail-damaged vehicles and the very complex process it takes to make that happen. This allows PDR Solutions, US LLC the opportunity to do what we do best, handle the very complex world of marketing and sales.

With these industry-transforming partnerships, PDR Body Shops can focus on what's most important to their success, providing the very best repair experience to the customers we both serve. As we expand our footprint across the nation, the PDR industry will quickly see, if the very best work together we can help more people, and make more income.

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"If you make a sale, you can make a living. If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a future."

Jim Rohn

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